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Meet Caavo

All your home entertainment, unified.

Unify Your Devices

Caavo connects your pay TV, streaming, and gaming into a single, beautiful box that will look great in your living room.

Unify Your Services

Caavo brings all your favorite apps, live TV and DVR into one simple interface so you can easily find what you want to watch or search it all.

Unify Your Control

Caavo makes all your TV easy to access with a simple voice-enabled remote (your game controllers and old remotes still work too).

About Caavo

Caavo is a new media company that is unifying home entertainment. By connecting pay TV, streaming, and gaming, Caavo brings together all your devices, services and control. They work together seamlessly, making it easy to find and play all your favorite TV.

“Caavo’s set-top box fixes everything you hate about watching TV.”

“You choose what you want to watch, and you leave it to Caavo to figure out where it may be hiding.”

“It’s an entertainment assistant that just knows how your stuff works.”

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