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Caavo in the News

“It’s a powerful control system for virtually every streaming, cable, and satellite box out there. It’s not just a simple remote, though: you plug everything into the large Caavo unit, and it uses machine vision (what the company is now calling Caavo Vision) to intelligently navigate the interface for all of those boxes behind the scenes.”

With Caavo, you don’t have to know the device name, the network name, the service name. Just which show you want to watch, regardless of whether it’s live, recorded, downloaded or streaming.

Company co-founders Andrew Einaudi and Ashish Aggarwal, who serve as CEO and CTO, respectively, demoed the Caavo box onstage at Recode’s Code Media in Dana Point, Calif.

Essentially, Caavo has built an AI that simulates a human user to control any device you might attach to a TV. It is quite possibly the thing that will crack the entire living room convergence game wide open.

In the competitive and territorial world of media streaming, Caavo works because it steadfastly refuses to be anything other than a middleman. The company wants to make it easier to access and manage all your devices, not make another one.

Caavo is essentially the world’s smartest switcher. That means it’s not a TV, and it’s not another streaming box, either.

Cavoo’s device has eight HDMI inputs, which should satisfy all but the most fanatical TV watchers. Once plugged in, the system automatically recognizes what type of streaming box or game system it’s connected to and adds them to its navigation.

Caavo provides the easiest way I’ve seen to watch TV shows and movies across all the devices and services in your living room.

[VIDEO] What to do about all those set-top boxes piling up in the living room? Caavo wants to be the master box to run Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Fire and others.

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